Saturday, 7 May 2011

Mario's secret

Unless you lived in a cave nuclear bunker all alone, far away from civilisation for the last 50 years you know Mario. Big moustache, red cap and always on the look for yellow shiny objects, yes that Mario I am talking about, not the pizzeria guy 2 blocks away.

Mario is THE Nintendo icon, and a lot of people played one of their first console game as Mario. Lets dig a little further in the history of Mario and the world he lives in. Most of you know Mario as that heroic little man trying to save a princess every 2 years or so, ( I wonder if he got laid already ) but there was a time Mario wasn't as fat as today, infact he was so thin you couldn't even see him if you would stand right in front of him, but that is probably because he found himself in a 2D world. Anyway, Mario's secret lies in this 2D world, be prepared, what you are going to see can not be unseen, continue watching on your own risk!
Here it is, the cloud and bushes are the same, BAM, biggest secret ever, best kept secret in the last decades, nothing compared to anything you ever seen in any game before, you never been this surprised before.*

*According to a study only 27% of the people that read this article survived the heart attack triggered by this shocking fact.


Anonymous said...

Never knew this

Tomgh@MirrorG said...

Yeah this is so funny, I remember a picture of a stick figure playing this game and having a tear in his eye as he was being told about the cloud/ bush.

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