Monday, 16 May 2011

Eye colour, do you notice?

Do you ever notice someone's eye colour? You will hear it all the time, "Oh my, you have such beautiful eyes!". But do you notice it if someone has a normal colour ( blue/brown ).


After some research I found out that a lot of people don't actually pay attention to someone's eye colour unless it is a pretty unique colour or a very bright one. We say we can recognize a person by his eyes but do you remember all the colours of your family or friends?

Lets start simple, what colours do your parents have? You probably know this, good job. Now what colour is the eye of your cousins or that guy you are next to at work/school. Chances are you don't really know for sure even though eyes are a big part of how someone looks!

Try to think of a celebrity you know pretty well and guess their eye colour, then look it up on Google, you might be surprised you got it wrong or even right, but knowing for 100% is very unlikely.

So do you notice eye colours and remember them of every somewhat important person in your life?


BigMike said...

I know the color of anyone's eyes that I have regular contact with. But I am also a confident person who looks people in the eye when we are speaking. So my limiting factor is me taking the time to remember.

Rich said...

i never notice eye color

ds said...

I don't even remember my own eye color.

Dejch said...

i look ppl in the eyes when i talk with them.. but i kinda don't remember their eye color

Lesha said...

Lol, i know only color of my eyes, since i've taken a lot of photos of them, the color of my girlfriend's eyes, since i just looked at them too often, and the color of my cat's eyes. ok, i could guess also my parents'... not more ^_^

Malkavian said...

NOPE if it isnt blue, green or a color that is shiny or bright more likely will not remember it

Sierra said...

This is interesting. Having very poor vision, I always assumed that those who can see well around me knew and paid attention to eye color.

I know the eye color of some of my friends, but not many. Thanks for the thought-provoking post!

Dootzkie said...

I actually pay a LOT attention to the eyes of the people i meet and it helps me recognize them even after ages have passed.

On the other hand, only my GF notices my eyes unlike anyone else, and I must say I do enjoy that uniqueness ;)

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