Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The end of humanity

Will humanity survive forever, or will we vanish in the battle of time? Most likely the last part since 99% of the species ever lived on Earth are gone. So what possible dangers are ahead of us? Here is a list of how we might die.

1. Death by natural occurrence on Earth
A big tsunami or a hurricane might kill a lot of people but won't end us all, however a super volcano can change the climate on Earth after erupting, making it really hard to live. The Yellowstone volcano is such a super volcano and it said to have a cycle of erupting, according to this cycle it could erupt any moment now! Time to stock up some food!

2. Death by technology
We have to stop Skynet! Ok, maybe a terminator scenario where machines and humans travel back in time isn't that likely, but technology could end us all. As much cliché a madscientist is, there is always a chance that an experiment goes wrong and brings danger to the planet, this might sound a bit weird for now but what could they be researching in the year 5000? Could be some nasty stuff!

3. Death by Universal occurence
Maybe we do everything right but still end up dieing to a cause from outer space. A big asteroid crashing into Earth changing the climate again, maybe a solar flare from our sun that screws up the magnetic field of our planet, making sunshine a killer. In a couple of billion years the sun will be close to burning through all its fuel and increases in size, meaning the end of life on Earth. Then there is always the evil black hole, getting sucked into it will be quite impossible to survive, atleast for now!

4. Death by ourselves
Most people will tell you this will be the most likely scenario. Killing is in our nature and has been praised by humanity for many years, in the Roman empire it was called entertainment. With better technology and even bigger nuclear bombs will a full scale nuclear war mean the end of the planet? Well maybe not the planet but sure for humanity. In a full out nuclear war the chance of survival is very very small.

5. Death by Aliens
Aliens, do they exist? 10,000,000,000,000,000 planets in the universe. If only 1 out of every million would support life than we end up with 10,000,000,000 planets. And these numbers are only for the visible universe, there might be even more! Saying we are the only life form on the 10,000,000,000 planets that support life will be very narrowminded and arrogant. So in the case other intelligence lifeforms exist, will they find us and kill us? Will they care about us? Are we like ants to them? Or are they highly fascinated by the fact they found an other life form, and start experimenting on us, or even forge an alliance? No one will know until we finally meet them, and one thing is for sure, communicating with them will be one hell of a job!


Triper said...

You know, I have a dream tonight, and there were only one planet with humans (Earth).. anyway good post.

Dejch said...

i've read something about prophecy "end of the world 2012" aint gonna happen on 2012 but on 2016.

rubberband said...

I think number 4 is the reason that we all will die someday. Due to our own faults and weapons.

CorPetit said...

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Mike said...

It really is stupid to believe there is no other significant life forms out there. Whether they're friendly or not is a whole different matter.

BigMike said...

Please, ill bet there are edible life forms in the oceans of Europa... aliens will be our downfall.

BluRayBoy said...

I hope it is something really cool that causes my death.

Vav said...

Probably going to be some asteroid :S other ones could give a blow to humanity but probably not exterminate us.

AverageJoe said...

Meh. I'm not too worried about it. What're the odds any of those things will happen in my lifetime? Or my kids' kids' kids' lifetimes? Not great.

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