Sunday, 8 May 2011

Colours, a big mystery

Colours are a mystery to me, they are so normal and you see them every second of your life, but how do we know we all see the same colours if we can not even define them.

So how do you define a colour? You can't. If someone asks you how red looks you can not even answer that question, only refer to objects that are red, go try it. The other thing that interests me is that we have no solid proof how others perceive colours compared to us, simply because we can't define them. Is my blue the same as your blue? Do you perceive my blue as I would perceive red, or green, or yellow? Again we can not proof how someone perceives a colour, we can only name it.

Did you ever try to come up with a new colour? How would that colour look? On other subjects I can make up anything new but with colours I can't. Or how would life be without a certain colour, just look around and think one colour isn't there, kinda weird right?

Did you know that a male is 19 times as likely to be colourblind than a female?
Normal person


Above is a picture how people seem to perceive colours when they have one of the many variants of colourblindness.


ds said...

I have thought about this many times in the past. :p Basically if it comes to physics the colors are the same, but we might see different colors as different hues or something like that.

Lesha said...

What do you refer to talking "do you see it as i do?".
What is the possible difference of seeing something between two people? As ds said, colors are the same. It's physics. And we need them just to distinguish objects. That is done by our brain. And here's a tricky part. If we don't take into account colorblindness, we see all colors in the SAME way. up till the analytical part of the brain the signals from the eye nerves are the same (since the structure of the eye is same).
But how our brain interprets colors is another question. That is already dependent on many additional factors like just likes of another color, memories, knowledge, instincts. And yet, many of these still work in the same way. Take for example the fact, that bright colors in nature are often the signals of the deadly threat coming from the one possessing them (like those poisonous frogs, plants, snakes, bugs, etc.).

Tomgh said...

Haha yeah I've thought about that often. Funny that I wasn't the only one. May be there are people who know the exact answers.

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