Thursday, 12 May 2011

Bombs and bad guys

Whenever I watch a movie I see a certain patern involving bombs, why is it that in every movie or tv series this is the mainstream idea?

Why is it always like this, the bad guy tells our hero that a bomb is at a certain location and adds that no one can know this else the bomb will explode. So our hero rushes towards the location of the bomb and there you have it, a big ass red timer on the bomb. Why is that timer always there? Have you ever seen that timer in any other colour than red? Never seen one in blue or yellow, maybe green.

Then the next cliché kicks in, what wire do you cut? Red, no that is considered a bad colour so lets cut green, or maybe I should go for blue. Since our hero is thinking too long his sidekick(s) will enter the complain phase and tell him/her the bomb is about to explode. Then out of the blue our hero remembers something from his childhood or something explained earlier in the movie/episode, and he cuts the correct wire. Never will the time remaining for detonation be longer than 20 seconds.

So what do you think is a TV cliché that always comes back in one form or another, let me know!


BigMike said...

The hero who has saved the world or at least several peoples lives many times over to this point will become an outcast by simply being moody one day. All his friends will abandon him and he will have a crisis of faith.

ds said...

Heh, it's so true. I think that the remaining time usually is more like 5 seconds max.

Tomgh@MirrorG said...

Talking about cliché. I've just seen the movie Jonah Hex where there are some quick scene's about him visiting a girl, and what you guess? He's @ the badguy, having an aim at him, and the bad guy shows 'his girl' asks him to drop his gun. Next scene he has to escape being captive.
Man, why does Hollywood think we like to see all these clichés over again. It are the movies that don't do what you expect that stand out, like Braveheart for one.

Stare Dad said...

lol that is SO true

Pappa Püllï said...

Absolutly, i dont know why this is.

J. Lockhart said...

Oh, my friend. This has always puzzled me. It would seem that, if I were in the business of super-villainy, I would incorrectly set the time. Maybe make the clock 20 seconds fast.

However, whatever cliché comes to mind has to be the statement, "If I told you, I'd have to kill you."

I watched a video about it recently, and I never realized how often it was said.

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