Monday, 9 May 2011

Active thinking is overated

Using your brain from time to time would be a good idea, but actively using it can cause a lot of frustration.

You are now breathing manually.

When making hard decisions we tend to take quite some time, maybe sleep a night to think about what we decide. But overthinking is never good, and it has been proven that the best decisions are made without thinking too much about it, around 1 minute is the best.

You are now blinking manually.

Our body constantly renews itself, including the brains. You have a completely different skin as 1 month ago, and a completely different skeleton as 15 years ago. It is the body's power to regenerate itself and get rid of the old cells. Same goes with your brains, the oldest part of our body is in the brains, memories. Try to think of your oldest memory and stop your body from falling apart!

Your chin is pretty heavy, don't let it fall down!

Some things in life we have to learn, like a language or math. Other things comes so naturally we perform them perfectly without actively thinking about them, like breathing and blinking our eyes. It is because different parts of your brain take care for these tasks. Some people have the skill to perform a task as naturally as breathing or blinking your eyes ( usually one specific thing, mostly people with autism. ), it comes so naturally to them that they just do it no matter how hard it looks to someone else. For example there was this autistic boy who had the ability to draw an entire city from above in perfect detail after flying over it in a helicopter just once. That is pretty amazing isn't it?

Don't forget to keep your chin up, breath and blink your eyes!


BigMike said...

That breathing manually thing gets me every time!

James said...

Very interesting read!

BluRayBoy said...

Never seen the chin one before haha.

rubberband said...

Good to know that the best choices are made within 1 minute. I didn't know that, but I believe this information will be helpful to a lot of people in the future. To me it probably will be. :)

SamanthaBlues said...

After reading your comments about breathing and blinking I became aware of doing that. Now I feel awkward for closing my eyes every 2-3 seconds xD

Lhosreiff said...

Get out of my head aaaaauuughghghghg.

Lesha said...

Brain is an amazing structure. So complicated, yet so natural, performs tasks a computer couldn't do having in basics principals even more simple than transistors.
Problem is not many people tend to use it often :D
But anyway, i'm happy i have mine ^_^

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